Monday, December 20, 2010

Skinny Ultra Lounge Pant - by J. Crew

Skinny ultra-lounge pant
There couldn't be a softer, cozier legging. But how do you pull this style off without needing a teddy bear and bunny slippers to complete the look? Your number one rule should be: Do not pear with gym shoes! They already have a sweat pant / PJ look about them that you're trying to overshadow. Try them with chunky black booties, an oversized cream colored sweater, and a rich multi-colored scarf (rich browns and plums, and some black, perhaps). Messy hair will accentuate the PJ vibe and luxurious locks will look overdone with this look. A sleek high bun and gold hoop earrings seem to do the trick.

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