Monday, December 20, 2010

Buffalo Check Jacket - by J. Crew

Buffalo check jacket
Buffalo Check Jacket - by J. Crew

The plaid check jacket is an intriguing piece. At first glance, it
came across as a little lumberjack, but the combination of bold
colors and an understated style kept bringing me back for a peak.
It's the kind of piece you assume you're not supposed to like, and yet
I  just get it - it's the perfect throw-on that makes a chic fashion
statement while at the same time conveying a message of casual

How you wear this piece will make or break it. Throw it on over
baggy jeans and a green baseball cap and you're sure to look
more ready to milk the cow than run errands around town. Pair it with
with fitted medium wash jeans, brown chunky buckle boots, a brass cuff
bracelet and a chocolate brown newsboy cap, and you've captured the vibe of this
laid back, fashion forward look. For an evening look - try black
skinny jeans, black suede booties, a gold skinny belt that wraps
around the jacket 2-3 times, and lots of gold, sparkly necklaces to finish off
the look. A sleek updo would compliment this look perfectly and would
allow matching gold studs to top off the outfit.

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